Depakote zyprexa bipolar disorder

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Depakote zyprexa bipolar disorder

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Increased risk of death in elderly people who are confusedhave memory loss and have lost touch with realitydementia-related psychosisZyprexa is not approved for treating psychosis in elderly people with dementiaHigh blood sugarhyperglycemiaHigh blood sugar can happen if you have diabetes already or if you have never had diabetesHigh blood sugar could lead toa build up of acid in your blood due to ketonesketoacidosiscoma death Your doctor should do tests to check your blood sugar before you start taking Zyprexa and during treatmentIn people who do not have diabetessometimes high blood sugar goes away when Zyprexa is stoppedPeople with diabetes and some people who did not have diabetes before taking Zyprexa need to take medicine for high blood sugar even after they stop taking Zyprexa.

There is no known treatment for established cases of tardive dyskinesiaalthough the syndrome may remitpartially or completelyif antipsychotic treatment is withdrawnAntipsychotic treatmentitselfhowevermay suppressor partially suppressthe signs and symptoms of the syndrome and thereby may possibly mask the underlying processThe effect that symptomatic suppression has upon the long-term course of the syndrome is unknown.

Severe nervous system reactionvery stiffrigidmuscleshigh feversweatingconfusionfast or uneven heartbeatstremorsfeeling like you might pass out.

The symptoms of treatment resistant depression include decreased mooddecreased interestincreased guilty feelingsdecreased energydecreased concentrationchanges in appetiteand suicidal thoughts or behavior.

A Symbyaxolanzapine/fluoxetine HClis a fixed-dose combination of Zyprexa and fluoxetine.

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